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New York State is one of the most populous states in the country, and New York City is the leading financial center of not only the United States, but arguably, the world. It therefore stands to reason that there are many debtors – and, perhaps more importantly, many assets – located here. The New York debt collection lawyers at The Nathanson Law Firm LLP are familiar with the process of collecting debts and enforcing judgments on behalf of a wide range of creditors. Our judgment enforcement services include domesticating sister state judgments for clients from outside New York.

Judgment Enforcement Services

As many creditors have discovered, obtaining a judgment against a delinquent debtor rarely results in the prompt receipt of payment of the debt. Rather, securing a judgment is only the first in what will likely be many steps in collecting a debt that is overdue. At The Nathanson Law Firm LLP, we assist creditors in identifying and locating a debtor’s assets in New York by using the latest debt collection software and other technology. Our system allows us to verify a debtor’s current residence and employment, as well as locate their assets (such as bank accounts, real estate, or personal property such as a car, boat, or co-op apartment) in a cost-effective and timely fashion. We also work with enforcement officials, such as City Marshals and County Sheriffs, to execute upon income executions, otherwise known as wage garnishments, if a debtor works in New York State, or is employed by a New York State company.

Often, we are asked to help a creditor domesticate a “foreign” judgment from a sister state. The way in which this process unfolds depends on several factors, including whether the debtor appeared in opposition to the underlying action and the matter was decided “on the merits” or if a judgment was rendered “on default.”

Our office can help creditors determine the appropriate procedure to follow in domesticating a judgment. If determined on the merits, it involves simply filing an exemplified copy of the sister state’s judgment with the county clerk in accordance with the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution. If awarded on default, a more complex recourse of a Summons and Notice of Motion for Summary Judgment in Lieu of Complaint must be commenced. If the sister state’s judgment is domesticated, full-scale collection efforts, including property execution against any of the debtor’s assets that are located in New York, may commence.

Consult Our New York Lawyers When Seeking to Enforce a Judgment

The knowledgeable and experienced debt collection lawyers at The Nathanson Law Firm LLP are here to help creditors in New York and other states enforce judgments efficiently. Clients welcome our straight-shooting yet assertive approach to the collection of debts and judgment enforcement. To schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you in your efforts to enforce or obtain a judgment, call us at (516) 568-0000 or contact us online. Based in Lynbrook, NY, on Long Island, we work with individuals, businesses, and attorneys throughout the country as they seek to execute on the assets of debtors who live, work, or own assets in New York State. We also assist clients who need a consumer credit transaction lawyer for representation in the collection of medical bills. We offer several different payment options for our services, including hourly rates, flat fee arrangements, and contingency fee agreements.

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