Practice Areas

The NATHANSON LAW FIRM LLP has streamlined its practice and is now limiting its focus practice areas to:
  • Debt Collection - including Judgment Enforcement throughout New York State of all Commercial and Retail debt, and much Consumer Credit Transactions;
  • Eviction Proceedings - representing Commercial and Residential Landlords in Nassau County and Suffolk County for Holdover Proceedings and Non-Payment Proceedings;
  • Sale of Residential Real Estate
New York Attorneys Skilled in Debt Collection and Other Legal Matters

At The Nathanson Law Firm LLP, we strive to provide quality legal representation in a warm, comfortable, and helpful environment. Our office features the latest technology and software for the handling of retail and commercial debt collection matters, consumer credit transactions, and the enforcement of judgments, allowing our New York debt collection lawyers to assist creditors across the country in pursuing debts owed by parties that live, work, or own assets in the state of New York. Based in Garden City, New York, on Long Island, our experienced attorneys are available to represent plaintiffs and defendants in all civil litigation actions and proceedings. Our practice areas include eviction proceedings for landlords in Nassau and Suffolk Counties for both commercial and residential, non-payment and holdover proceedings, the sale of real estate (Real Property) in Nassau County, in addition to its debt collection practice. We are available to offer guidance to business owners in the collection of their accounts receivable.

Our firm offers several payment plans and fee structure agreements to suit our clients’ specific needs. For example, most clients prefer that we handle debt collection matters on a contingency fee basis. Under this type of arrangement, we are paid a percentage of the settlement or judgment proceeds as they are collected. Other clients prefer flat fee pricing plans or hourly fee options.

Advocating for Creditors’ Rights

The collection of debts is a complex area of the law with relatively few practitioners, particularly when compared to personal injury and matrimonial lawyers. It can be difficult for lawyers practicing outside New York to find a lawyer who has a niche that includes the domestication and enforcement of foreign judgments against debtors of their local clients, who may have assets in New York. The judgment enforcement lawyers at The Nathanson Law Firm LLP are regularly involved in this practice area. In the event that a judgment has already been entered in a debt collection case, domesticating the judgment in the courts of New York is a process that we can smoothly facilitate. Once the judgment is domesticated in the New York courts, we can help the creditor locate the debtor, identify their place of employment, and execute upon any assets that may be visible in New York. There is also an art to the collection of a debt, depending on the type of debt at hand. A debtor who resides in New York and who has fallen behind on the payment of a medical bill, or tuition, is handled quite differently than a commercial debtor moving assets from state to state and whose bank accounts and home are located in New York upon the domestication and enforcement of a sister state’s judgment. Likewise, a debtor who has lived beyond their means and has defaulted on a credit card agreement will be managed differently than a homeowner who lost her job and is trying to avoid foreclosure. We are well versed in all debt collection matters. All situations will be proactively prosecuted in a manner geared to maximize recovery. Our attorneys make every effort to comply with both the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and New York State’s debt collection laws in consumer credit transactions.

Helping Resolve Landlord-Tenant Issues and Protecting the Assets of Small Business Owners

The Nathanson Law Firm LLP represents landlords  in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as homeowners seeking to sell their Residential Real Property (Real Estate) and co-op owners on Long Island in both Nassau County and Suffolk County. We are familiar with the intricacies that may arise concerning issues such as evictions, the collection of overdue rent, an alleged failure to make timely repairs, and contractual negotiations pertaining to a lease or the purchase and sale of property. As with debt collection cases, the law pertaining to landlord-tenant, co-operative, and real estate matters may be difficult to navigate without seasoned legal counsel on your side. Our experience in these areas allows us to confidently represent clients in a wide array of situations, advocating for the outcome that they seek while being candid concerning their prospects of success and the way that a case is likely to unfold. We do not believe in wasting a client’s time or resources, and we will not hesitate to advise you if you may be better served by an option that does not involve retaining our representation.

Contact a Knowledgeable Debt Collection Lawyer in New York

We work hard to help our clients understand all of the ways in which they may assert their legal rights, protect themselves, and provide for their families. To talk to one of our results-driven New York debt collection attorneys about your legal needs, call The Nathanson Law Firm LLP today at 516-568-0000 or contact us online. We believe that our professional, direct, and realistic approach to legal representation will help advance your interests, whether you are seeking a business lawyer or counsel in a debt collection, real estate, landlord-tenant, or an estate planning matter.

Client Reviews
Mitchell Nathanson was a pleasure to work with. He represented me with class and respect. I highly recommend at least doing a consultation with Mitchell to see what he is all about. The care he shows for his clients and his dedication to making sure they reach an agreement that his client can be happy with is something to be admired. Gabriel
High quality legal work at an affordable price. Initial consultation discussing desired legal services and potential charges. Established a timeline to complete the work. Legal work was completed promptly at the price discussed in the initial consultation. Professional, itemized billing statement describing services and charges. Eric
Mitchell Nathanson is a rarity these days. He is a true professional who does what he says and works hard to get the job done right the first time. You get what you pay for and, with Mitch, you get a highly qualified attorney who puts his clients first. It is definitely worth repeating, Mitch gets the job done right the first time. Michael Augustus